Nepal's deadliest crash in 30 years: Officials

Nepal Plane Crash: "Until the hospital tests show all 72 bodies, we’ll continue to search for the last person," the official said.Rescue teams from Nepal Army and Police work to retrieve bodies.

There was no chance of finding any survivors of the Pokhara plane crash in Nepal, officials said as per news agency Reuters. Although, workers will continue to search.

Following country's deadliest plane crash in 30 years, rescue teams used drones to sift through the remains of the Yeti Airlines plane which crashed near the tourist city of Pokhara.

"There is no possibility of finding any survivor.We have collected 71 bodies so far.The search for 
the last one will continue,"Tek Bahadur K.C.,a top district official in Pokhara, said as per 

Ajay K.C, a police official at the rescue site told Reuters that identifying bodies and accounting for all 72 people has been difficult because of the state of the remains.

"Until the hospital tests show all 72 bodies, we’ll continue to search for the last person," the 
official said."There is nothing left there. But the search will continue,"

On the day of the deadly crash, search teams recovered 68 bodies while two more were recovered on Monday. One more body had been recovered on Tuesday afternoon, officials said.

The cockpit voice recorder and flight data recorder from the flight, both in good condition, very helpful in investigating the cause of the crash. The devices will be sent to another place.