Non-alcoholic cocktails

Raspberry herb smash -
Crush a handful of raspberries with a couple of teaspoons of sugar, some lime juice, and your herb of choice. Mint, basil, or sage will work a treat.

Sparkling blood orange mocktail - Vibrant and flavorful blood oranges are the star of the show here. Squeeze the juice of the oranges and simply add honey, vanilla essence, and soda water.

Shirley Temple -
The Shirley Temple, named after the famous child star, has been around for almost a century. One of the first and most famous non-alcoholic cocktails.

Arnold Palmer -
The Arnold Palmer is another classic mocktail named after a celebrity, this time a champion golfer.

Margarita mocktail -
This simple remake of the classic tequila, margarita requires two tablespoons of fresh lime juice, one tablespoon of lemon juice, a dash of maple syrup, and some tonic water. 

Lemon drop martini -
Combine fresh lemon juice with white wine vinegar, marmalade, and alcohol-free gin (or water) in a cocktail shaker with ice. 

Pineapple and lime mocktail -
Shake up mint leaves, pineapple juice, lime juice, and ice in a cocktail shaker. Strain into glasses and add extra pineapple juice and tonic water to finish.

New York sour mocktail -
Tea is also used to recreate the classic New York sour. Brew some assam tea leaves and allow to cool with a little vanilla extract mixed in. 

Grapefruit rosemary soda - Make a syrup by heating ruby red grapefruit juice and zest in a pan with honey, rosemary sprigs, and lemon juice. 

Blackberry ginger mint mocktail - For this one, muddle fresh blackberries with mint and lime juice. Add ginger ale to complete.

Alcohol-free watermelon sangria - This is the ideal summer cocktail when watermelon is in season! Chop the watermelon into pieces and freeze so they become fruity ice cubes. 

Citrus peach cooler -
This is the perfect drink for a summer garden party. Add both juices and slices of fresh lemon and lime to a large jug. 

Cheat’s ginger beer -
There's no need to ferment anything for this quick and easy non-alcoholic ginger beer. 

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