Office romances the do's and don'ts

What is an office romance: An office romance refers to a romantic relationship between two people who work in the same place.

Why office romances happen: These relationships can happen for a variety of reasons.

Types of relationships: There are a few different types of relationships when it comes to office romance.

Office flings: These are short-lived relationships that usually don’t have a great impact on the workplace at large.

Office flings: It may, however, have personal implications if one (or both) of the parties is already in a relationship.

Relationships between peers: Many relationships flourish amongst coworkers who are at the same level.

Long-term relationships: Work is still a popular place to find a lifetime partner, and it doesn’t look like this reality is going anywhere anytime soon.

Relationships between superiors and subordinates: This is when things can get tricky at work, for both the people involved and other colleagues. 

Relationships between superiors and subordinates: There is the potential for this type of relationship to have a big impact on employees' morale. 

Extramarital affairs: The vast majority of extramarital affairs actually start at the workplace.

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