On this day in history 21 January

Heading 1

1990: 41st NHL All-Star Game, Civic Arena, Pittsburgh, PA: Wales beats Campbell, 12-7; MVP.

1990: John McEnroe becomes 1st ever player to be expelled from the Australian Open.

1992: Bill Cowher becomes the head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

1995: 52nd Golden Globes: "Forrest Gump", Tom Hanks, & Jessica Lange win.

1996: 53rd Golden Globes: "Sense and Sensibility", Nicolas Cage, & Sharon Stone win.

2010: LA Lakers forward Kobe Bryant becomes the youngest NBA player to reach 25,000 career points at 31 years.

2017: More than 2 million people protest worldwide in the 'Women's March' against Donald Trump.

2018: Gambian Dictator Yahya Jammeh finally concedes office and leaves Gambia 2 months after losing the presidential election.

2019: Li Na of China becomes first Asian player to be elected to the International Tennis Hall of Fame.

2021: Avril Haines is sworn in as the first female US Director of National Intelligence by VP Kamala Harris.

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