Paul McCartney’s 10 Greatest Solo Songs

Heading 1

Magneto and Titanium Man: On vacation in Jamaica, McCartney started buying comic books for his kids.

Ever Present Past: McCartney tapped into the restless energy of a man half his age on this backward-looking single, singing about.

Riding to Vanity Fair: Nigel Godrich’s production makes this psychedelic ballad feel like it’s floating in space.

Mull of Kintyre: A bagpipe-assisted pub singalong in praise of the gorgeous, remote part of western Scotland where McCartney’s farm is located.

Temporary Secretary: Deep into the free-form tape-machine improvisation that produced most of McCartney II.

I’ve Had Enough: This late-model Wings cut followed up the ultra-easygoing “With a Little Luck,” with tough talk and guitars to match.

Early Days: You might think of McCartney as being beyond the old debates over who wrote what in the Beatles, but if so, you don’t know Paul.

The Back Seat of My Car: Like many of McCartney’s early triumphs, “The Back Seat of My Car” could have been a Beatles song.

Flaming Pie: McCartney rode the wave of excitement from the Beatles’ Anthology with Flaming Pie.

Say Say Say: Before they fell out over the rights to the Beatles’ publishing catalog, McCartney and Michael Jackson were good pals.

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