Top 10 Popular Fonts for Professional Logo Design

Horizon: Horizon, a modern font, that was inspired by the space-age show, such as Star Trek.

Bodoni: For the logo designs, Bodoni is considered the most suitable modern font, which is easy to know why.

Trajan: This font is favored among the graphic designers and movie posters, and there’s no question about that. 

Garamond: This font is way beyond vintage fonts.

Helvetica: Helvetica is well known to everyone. Among popular fonts.

Impact: One of the famous typefaces and design masterpiece by itself in Hollywood is the Impact.

Didot: Didot was a family name about printers during the late 18th-century before it develops into one of the numerous vintage fonts.

Futura:One of the most modern fonts you see in a lot of design documents is Futura. 

Univers: In 1954, Univers was created by Adrian Frutiger, a typeface designer.

Frutiger: Frutiger is another fantastic modern fonts of Sans-serif that’s produced the Univers font creator.

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