Russia nearly won Ukraine war in 2 weeks before

Russia-Ukraine War: In the early weeks of the invasion, the officer said that Russia was close to winning the war.

Russia almost won its war in Ukraine before Moscow's military plans fell apart, a Danish intelligence officer said, Newsweek reported.

Quoting an interview with Danish newspaper Berlingske, the head of Russian analysis for Danish intelligence agency Forsvarets.

Russia could have easily invaded and taken over Ukraine in only two weeks after Vladimir Putin launched the "special military operation.".

"We put a lot of the blame for this on Putin's shoulders," the official said citing decision-making among a small group of his allies that was not shared with others.

"These are pretty small factors that ended up deciding the outcome," he said adding that he believes Vladimir Putin is still interfering in the military's conduct of the war.

This comes as Russia said 63 of its soldiers had been killed in a Ukrainian New Year's Eve attack on their quarters in the town of Makiivka.

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