Secret Italy 15 must-see places near Rome

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Orvieto:Founded as an Etruscan settlement and an important center for bronze working in Roman times, this town should be on anyone's bucket list. 

Tivoli:Immersed in the green of the Roman countryside, about 30km (18.5 miles) from the capital and easily reachable by car, train or bus, is the city of Tivoli.

Garden of Ninfa:Cardinal Niccolò III Caetani, a lover of botany, ordered the construction of this fairy-tale place in the 16th century. 

Lake Nemi:Located in the crater of an ancient volcano, this small lake, an hour from Rome, is a true oasis of peace: no wonder the Romans considered the surrounding woods to be sacred.

Sacred village of Bomarzo:The town of Bomarzo owes its fame mainly to its Parco Dei Mostri, created in 1547 at the behest of Prince Pier Francesco Orsini.

Saturnia's thermal baths:With sulfurous waters that flow at 37º Celsius, these spectacular spas have a thousand-year history. 

Subiaco:Included among the 'most beautiful villages in Italy,' Subiaco stands on a spur of limestone from which you can enjoy a fantastic view of the Parco dei Monti Simbruini.

Cervara:With an altitude of 1050 m (3444,8 ft), Cervara is the second-highest municipality in the province of Rome. 

Calcata:It is really worth visiting this jewel, just an hour from the capital, and getting lost in its narrow streets. 

Ostia Antica:Reachable from Rome by car or subway, Ostia Antica is an essential destination for lovers of history and archeology. Located on the sea, at the mouth of the Tiber river.

Isola Liri:A waterfall of 30 meters  is accompanied by a medieval castle in the historic center. Isola Liri is a perfect starting point for visiting nearby architectural treasure

Lake Bolsena:If you are a lover of nature lover, will find the perfect spot in this beautiful lake of volcanic origin. 

Lake Canterno:This lake is one of the most poetic and interesting tourist routes for nature lovers. Surrounded by the Ernici mountains and oak woods.

Anguillara Sabazia, Lake Bracciano:This splendid village is reflected in the waters of Lake Bracciano - where it is possible to swim.

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