Secrets hotels don't want you to know

Deaths: Although not very common, people have died in hotel rooms.

Employees: Porters or waiters can get guests some freebies, such as bottled water, parking vouchers or event tickets.

Dirty objects: Some objects are dirtier than others.

Coffee machine: This piece of equipment also deserves our attention, since it's probably the object that's cleaned the least.

Glasses: Some hotels just use water to clean glasses and put them back in the same place.

Recommendations: Any places recommended by hotel employees are intentional and they usually get a commission.

Tips:  Porters, waiters, and some kitchen staff tend to work hard and be underpaid.

Cleanliness: Hotel blankets and bedspreads are not cleaned frequently.

Prices: The price required for each room depends on how much it cost to build.

Room choice: Typically, rooms located in the corners of floors are usually most spacious, since they have no other rooms next door.

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