Get in shape in 10 days with these 7-minute workouts

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Jump rope: - This is a great workout. No need to stop for the seven minutes.

Bag work: - Punching and kicking intensely for seven minutes will feel like an eternity, believe us.

Plank routine: - Planks are great to strengthen your core. 

Resistance bands: - Choose three exercises and do a complex. For instance, lying leg presses, seated rows, and Y-raises. 

Run: - And we mean run, not jog. Just run at a challenging speed for seven minutes.

Plyometrics: -These explosive movements are great if you're pressed for time.

Cycling: - Do it for 30 seconds at full speed and then cycle normally for 30 seconds. 

Leg workout: - This basic, yet challenging, circuit includes squats, single-leg deadlifts, and lunges.

Hill sprints: - Just find a hill, run up, and walk down. Beware, these can be brutal.

Swim: - If you're not used to swimming, doing it for seven minutes non-stop will be plenty.

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