Shocking shows and films about climate change

'An Inconvenient Truth' - It's hard to start with anything but 'An Inconvenient Truth.' The influential documentary was directed by Davis Guggenheim, and centered around Al Gore.

'An Inconvenient Truth' - Gore, the former US Vice President, leads a campaign to educate the world about global warming. The thrilling doc has even been compared to a horror film.

'Before the Flood' - 'Before the Flood' is perhaps the most famous film about climate change since 'An Inconvenient Truth.' The film was co-produced, and narrated, by Leonardo DiCaprio.

'Before the Flood' - Directed by Fisher Stevens, the film was made widely available for free, and it shows DiCaprio exploring the effects of climate change around the world.

'Chasing Ice' - This award-winning doc was directed by James Balog, and showcases the catastrophic events of climate change.

'Chasing Ice' - The film centers around a glacier that breaks and splinters in Greenland. The event was compared to "watching a city break apart."

'A Beautiful Planet' - 'A Beautiful Planet' compiles 15 months of IMAX footage of astronauts aboard the International Space Station.

'A Beautiful Planet' - Jennifer Lawrence narrates the doc, which shows us the effects of climate change like never seen before. The end of the world never looked so cinematic.

'The 11th Hour' - After 'An Inconvenient Truth,' Hollywood was waiting for another update on climate change. So, Leonardo DiCaprio came through and co-wrote and narrated 'The 11th Hour.'

'The 11th Hour' - The doc premiered at Cannes Film Festival one year after 'An Inconvenient Truth.' It features contributions from over 50 politicians, scientists, and activists.

'True North' - 'True North' is a docu-series which stars John Iadarola and Chavala Madlena. They head to the Arctic and discover the impacts of climate change on the local populations.

'True North' - The series is made up of a number of thrilling individual stories which make up an rousing narrative about climate change at the north pole.

'Interstellar' - It's not just docu-series and films that teach us about climate change. Hollywood movies like 'Interstellar' also paint a vivid picture of a dying planet.

'Interstellar' - Matthew McConaughey plays Cooper, a NASA pilot turned farmer. When the earth struggles to produce crops, Cooper travels through space and time to find a solution.

'Snowpiercer' - This widely underrated blockbuster is set onboard a train travelling around the globe after a failed climate-change experiment wipes out nearly all life on Earth.

'Snowpiercer' -
Problems arise when a class system develops onboard the train. Joon-ho Bong directs the thrilling film, combining action with weighty topics.

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