Silly irrational fears we all had as kids

The basement is a big no-go zone for all children. The creepiest division in the house is the perfect hiding spot for serial killers, and only the bravest dare going down the stairs .

Monsters under the bed
This one may just be one of the most common fears kids share, and it didn't matter how many times your parents checked for monsters under the bed.

The ocean
This immense mass of water can be scary even for grown-ups. As a kid, you'd always avoid the dark spots of algae as you never know what terrifying creatures were hiding under there.

Animals in the toilet
Even though the probability of this happening was extremely minimal, you always checked the toilet for spiders and other dangerous animals before you used the toilet at night.

Bloody Mary was summoned by saying her name three times while looking in the mirror? That prank actually still haunts many adults to this day.

Pool sharks
Because sharks lived in the deep end of pools and were always plotting a surprise attack.

The hallway
Raise your hand if you've ever sprinted across the hallway to the safety of your bed after turning the lights off.

Pretty much every child has tried to run from their own shadow, only to realize it was literally mission impossible.

Every time you crossed a bridge, you always wondered if today was the day the infrastructure would collapse.

Children secretly hope that ghosts are real so they can prove to their parents that all those nights spent in their bed weren't that pointless after all.

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