Simple solutions to fix basic computer problems

Restore a deleted file - If you accidentally deleted a file, click on the Recycle bin, select the file and click 'Restore.'

Closing a program - If you're having trouble in closing a program, press 'ALT' and 'F4' at the same time.

Mouse or keyboard error - If you're having problems with your keyboard or mouse, disconnect and reconnect them. If the error still persists then restart your computer.

Start button - If you can't click on the 'start' button on your screen, use the 'Windows' button on your keyboard.

Sorting the clutter - If your desktop is cluttered, right click on your mouse and select the 'Arrange icons' option. Quick and simple!

Program freeze - If your programs keep freezing with a Windows notification popping up, close it...

Frozen! - If your whole screen has completely frozen, then just switch your computer off then on again.

Full screen ahead! - If your browser has entered into full screen mode and you don't know how to exit, just hit the 'F11' button on your keyboard.

Text too small - If the text on your screen is too small, click 'Ctrl' and '+' to make it bigger (or '-' to make it smaller).

Anti-virus - Many people install several anti-virus programs, but these can conflict and stop each other from working properly. Make sure you only have one!

Cookies - Delete all cookies from your browser to stop it from getting cluttered up.

Blue screen - In most cases, check the Device Manager to see if there is any hardware issue on your computer. If there is, a small '!' will appear next to the device in question.

Touchpad - If your touchpad is not working, press Fn+F7 or Fn+F9 on your keyboard.

WiFi network not detected - Try searching on Device Manager, but if it still doesn't appear then you may have to reinstall the driver, buy an external WiFi adapter, USB, or network card.

Hard disk is almost full - Clean your computer disk to get rid of all files and programs that are unnecessary.

Off and on -
In most cases, switching your computer off and on will solve the problem. Make sure you save your files beforehand so that you don't lose anything!

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