surprising breakfast foods around the world

Miso soup, rice and grilled fish in Japan
This breakfast dish is a more nutritious option than a sugary bowl of cereal, but it will require a bit more preparation time.

Ful medames in Egypt
This breakfast dish, made with small fava beans, is also Egypt’s national dish. 

Halim in Iran
This stew-like dish can sometimes resemble oatmeal in appearance, and it does include cinnamon, but it also includes meat (often lamb). 

Rice and banchan in Korea
Banchan is the collective name for little side dishes served with rice in Korea. 

Tacacho con cecina in Peru
This dish brings together plantains and pork to make a sweet and salty breakfast dish. 

Smörgås in Sweden
Some Swedish delicacies have made their way to North America, including meatballs, chocolate and pancakes, but the smörgås breakfast sandwich is not as well known.

Shakshuka in Israel
It is said that it became popular in Israel when immigration from North African countries (where it is believed to originate) was at a peak.

Youtiao in China
These decadent breadsticks are often served with soy milk and porridge.

Ackee and saltfish in Jamaica
The fastest man in the world, Usain Bolt, apparently eats ackee and saltfish for breakfast, a ringing endorsement for it.

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