Symptoms men should never ignore

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Enlarged testicle(s): -A swollen testicle and/or feeling of heaviness might indicate trauma or infection.

Numbness or tingling: -If you feel this in your arms, hands, or feet, it can be cause for concern.

Chest pain: -Not all chest pain will indicate a serious problem, such as a heart attack, but it should never be ignored. 

Erectile dysfunction: -The inability to have and sustain an erection is soul crushing and indeed an embarrassing topic for many men. 

Dry mouth: -Dry mouth occurs when not enough saliva is produced. Sure, dehydration can cause it, but if this is not your case. 

Changes in urination: -Difficulty peeing, pain, and changes in urine stream and frequency of urination. 

Changes in stools: -You should be checking your stools for color, consistency, and any changes in general.

Irritability and excessive anger: -We all get a bit annoyed from time to time, and that’s normal.

Leg cramps: -Leg cramps can happen when there is excessive exertion or dehydration.

Sudden weight gain or weight loss: -Sure, most of us have weight fluctuations, but these are usually small.

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