The 10 Best Culinary Mushrooms

 King trumpet mushrooms are a hearty choice for cooking that may be either raw or cooked. 

 It’s worth noting that cremini mushrooms and white button mushrooms are the same types of mushrooms, but they are worth differentiating because they are at very different growth stages.

They usually have broad, thin, oyster-or-fan-shaped caps, which is how these mushrooms got their name. 

Morel Mushrooms Since morel mushrooms can only be found in the wild, chefs prize them as a rare and valuable ingredient. 

 Shiitake mushrooms are a kind of native East Asian mushroom.

Portobello mushrooms are brown like the cremini mushroom, but they are significantly larger and more mature in growth than the white button mushroom and cremini mushroom. 

White Button Mushrooms There isn’t a lot of flavor there, but when cooked with spices and other ingredients, white buttons will absorb a ton of flavor and offer some nice texture.

 The long-stemmed enoki mushroom is a common ingredient in Asian cuisine.

Porcini Mushrooms These delectable mushrooms are prized for their silky texture, fragrant, woodsy flavor, and sturdy stem. 

 An edible mushroom that grows near tree bases is the maitake. The Japanese term for these mushrooms, which are light brown .

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