The 10 Best National Parks in Tennessee

Appalachian Trail:Trail stretches for over two thousand miles and through fourteen states, from Maine to Georgia. The footpaths through the mountains were first started in 1921 by private citizens.

Big South Fork National River:from Tennessee to Kentucky and encompasses the land around the Big South Fork of the Cumberland River. It covers more than 100,000 acres of the Cumberland Plateau.

Great Smoky Mountains: It’s the most visited national park in the country and features several historical remnants of Appalachian culture. Visitors can see a diverse range of plant and animal life.

Andrew Johnson Historic Site: is the Andrew Johnson Historic Site. This National Park was established to preserve the history of President Andrew Johnson. Johnson served from 1865 to 1869 .

Fort Donelson: The Union victory at Fort Donelson is credited with allowing them to take Clarksville and Nashville. The Confederate surrender at Fort Donelson was accepted at the Dover Hotel.

 Cumberland Gap National Historical Park: expands over parts of Tennessee, Kentucky, and Virginia. The vast wilderness of the mountains showcases the awe of the Wild West. 

 Stones River National Battlefield: the sight of the bloodiest battle in the Civil War, can be found in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. The battle started on the final day of 1862 and marked essential gains

Scenic River Visitor Center: in Wartburg, Tennessee once played a vital role in the lives of early settlers. It was a significant spot for fishing and hunting.

Chattanooga Military Park: run through parts of Tennessee and Georgia. It’s the first and largest military park established in the country. The battle between the Union and Confederacy was in 1863.

Natchez Trace Parkway:It follows the historical route called “Old Natchez Trace,” which many original settlers traveled down. While the scenic drive is the main feature of the Natchez Trace.

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