The best movies about bullying

'Diary of a Wimpy Kid' (2010) -
'Diary of a Wimpy Kid' follows a dejected middle schooler aiming to raise his status in the world. He struggles with bullying both at school and at home.

'Mean Girls' (2004) - Lohan plays the lead, Cady, who enters an American high school for the first time as a teenager after being raised in Africa.

'Mean Girls' (2004) - Cady gets a crash course in bullying and social hierarchies, and nearly loses all sense of self in her attempt to fit in.

'The Karate Kid' (1984) -
'The Karate Kid' is the ultimate bully revenge story. Daniel doesn't fit in at his new school and gets targeted by a martial arts expert.

'Easy A' (2010) -
Emma Stone stars in 'Easy A' as a goody two shoes who gets teased at school for being a boring teacher's pet.

'The Craft' (1996) -
The 1996 cult classic 'The Craft' tells the story of a group of high school friends who use witchcraft to take revenge on those who have angered them.

'Mildred Pierce' (1945) - The 1945 movie 'Mildred Pierce' stars Joan Crawford as a divorcée struggling to provide for her demanding, bratty daughter. The story shows how bullying can take many forms.

'Bully' (2001) -
'Bully' is one of the most disturbing movies on this list. Director Larry Clark is known for shocking his audiences, and this was no exception.

'Bully' (2001) -
One member of a group of friends has been dominating and terrorizing them all. Finally they snap, and plan to murder him. The story is based on the real life murder of Bobby Kent.

'Dazed and Confused' (1993) -
Ben plays the bullying jock in the cult classic 'Dazed and Confused.' On the last day of high school, he celebrates by chasing down and beating students with a paddle.

'The Color Purple' (1985) -
'The Color Purple' stars Whoopi Goldberg as a woman who has suffered every kind of insult and injury one human being can inflict on another.

'Matilda' (1996) - Poor Matilda suffers bullying at the hands of most of the adults in her life, including her parents and her school principal.

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