The deadliest places in the world

Fukushima, Japan: Everyone knows Fukushima in Japan.

Vanuatu, South Pacific: Its population is regularly hit by earthquakes, storms, volcanic eruptions, and tsunamis.

Vanuatu, South Pacific: The tiny island nation is considered to be one of the most at-risk areas for natural disasters in t

Vanuatu, South Pacific: Vanuatu may look like paradise, but it hides some deadly secrets.

Lake Nyos, Cameroon: It is suspected that a landslide or an earthquake triggered the sudden release of a fatal cloud of carbon dioxide.

Lake Nyos, Cameroon: This seemingly-nondescript lake in Cameroon was the site of a horrific natural disaster in 1986.

Lake Nyos, Cameroon: The reason the lake is so deadly is due to the volcanic activity hidden.

Danakil Desert, Ethiopia: Though it may seem like a hellish place to live.

Danakil desert, Ethiopia: It's one of the hottest and most inhospitable places in the world.

Danakil Desert, Ethiopia: It may look like another planet, but the Danakil Desert is actually in Ethiopia.

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