The diseases making a comeback post-pandemic

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Cholera: For the first time in three years, cholera is spreading in Haiti.

Mpox: One of the outbreaks that received more media attention in 2022 was mpox.

RSV: Reported cases of children’s bronchiolitis, a viral infection usually caused.

Various STIs: There has also been a clear resurgence of STIs since the outbreak of the COVID-19.

Measles: One of the most contagious viruses that is possible for children to contract.

MIS-A: Although it is rare, adults may also develop symptoms similar.

MIS-C: One disease that actually made its debut post-pandemic is multisystem inflammatory.

Scarlet fever: Next up on the list is scarlet fever. This contagious infection is caused by strep.

Polio: The first serious disease that made a comeback in 2022 is polio.

Parechovirus: There has been an uptick in the number of parechovirus infections reported.

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