The (often bizarre) foods historical figures loved

Winston Churchill: - The prominent British Prime Minister was a fan of a delicacy that has since been made illegal in many places.

Armadillo (also, puma): - Darwin said armadillo tasted and looked like duck, while puma may have been for him "the best meat ever tasted.

Turtle soup: - He loved the flavorful broth so much that he brought it along during travels.

Stewed tripe: - Stewed tripe was the most appetizing to Chaplin, but he was also a fan of lamb stew and curry.

Hot dogs: - Keller's secretary reportedly didn't keep hot dogs around Keller because she wouldn't eat anything else if given the option.

Charlie Chaplin: - The iconic actor and filmmaker of the era of silent film was a fan of stews, particularly one that involved a rather unique part of the animal.

Mushroom ketchup: -Made of mushrooms, anchovies, and horseradish, this condiment was particularly popular among 18th-century troops.

Helen Keller: - The author and political activist who became the first deaf-blind person to earn a bachelor.

Charles Darwin: - The innovative naturalist often tried the unknown creatures he encountered in his voyages and two animals stood out.

George Washington: - The first President of the United States was a fan of a condiment that is weird to us today but was fairly common in colonial America.

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