The greatest bass players of all time

Paul McCartney: The former Beatle needs no introduction. Paul McCartney is one of the most prolific songwriters, multi-instrumentalists, and, of course.

Geddy Lee: The front man of the iconic Canadian rock band Rush is one of the greatest bass players ever. 

Flea: The iconic Red Hot Chili Peppers bass player is a driving force in the band. Before he picked up the bass guitar, 

Lemmy Kilmister: The legendary Motörhead front man is probably the loudest bass player in history.

Sting: From 'Every Breath You Take' to 'Roxanne,' Sting's brilliant bass playing helped make The Police a hugely successful band.

Carol Kaye: Carol Kaye is arguably the most iconic female bass player of all time. 

Charles Mingus: Charles Mingus is one of two upright bassists on this list, and probably the most famous one.

John Paul Jones: John Paul Jones is best known for his work with Led Zeppelin.

Kim Gordon: The bassist for the alternative pioneers Sonic Youth was one of the first female rock bass players to appear on the scene.

Cliff Burton: Cliff Burton brought the bass solo into metal. Burton had a unique approach to bass playing, which can be heard in songs such as '(Anesthesia).

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