The longest living animals on earth

Olm this aquatic little salamander, which weighs only 17 grams, lives up to 102 years of age.

Their nasty spikes make red sea urchins a nightmare for predators, allowing them to live until 200 years of age.

Found off of the coast of New Zealand, the tuatara can live to 90 years of age.

Greenland sharks, which can be found in the Arctic Ocean, can live to 392 years of age.

The rougheye rockfish is one of many rockfish species that live for a very long time. Rougheye's have been recorded as living to 205 years.

Ocean quahog clam These clams, which are native to the North Atlantic Ocean, have been recorded as living to 507 years of age.

American lobster The species are found on the Atlantic coast of North America and can live to 100.

The bowhead whale is a neighbor of the Greenland shark, and is also found in the Arctic Ocean. They can live to 211 years.

Galapagos tortoise These beautiful creatures, native to the Galápagos Islands, can live to be as old as 177 years of age.

Fin whale These massive whales aren't found washed up very often because they live to 200 years of age.

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