‘The Masked Singer’ Costumes

Bishop Briggs - Bishop Briggs was revealed as Medusa on ‘The Masked Singer’ she won the Golden Mask trophy.

David Archuleta - David Archuleta was revealed as the Macaw on ‘The Masked Singer’ he came in second place. 

Dick Van Dyke - Dick Van Dyke was revealed as the Gnome in the season 9 premiere. 

Sara Evans - Sara Evans was revealed as the Mustang in the season 9 premiere she eliminated after a Battle Royale with Medusa.

‘The Masked Singer’ - All-new masked celebrities will take the stage in hopes of taking home the Golden Mask trophy.

Gnome - This forest creature is rocking a green hat and a long red beard the Gnome is one of the new costumes of season 9.

Rock Lobster - Rock Lobster is ready to… rock! The sea animal looks slick in a metallic gold jacket and leather pants. 

Mustang - Mustang is the definition of fierce Mustang looks sensational in her sexy leather outfit.

Medusa - Medusa is about to entrance us all! The Medusa has quite the headpiece. 

Polar Bear - Polar Bear is ready to jam he’s looking too cool for school in a outfit that features CD prints. 

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