The most beautiful beaches on the planet

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Varadero Beach: Varadero lies in Cuba and has white sand, excellent tropical weather, amazing water, and mojitos.This long sandy beach in Lahaina, Hawaii .

Spiaggia dei Conigli: While Lampedusa, a Sicilian island, may be most well known as a key stop in the migration route, it also has this pristine beach that blows visitors' minds.

Ka'anapali Beach: Thinking of a place to disconnect? This long sandy beach in Lahaina, Hawaii just might have everything you could ever want.

Siesta Beach: This pristine white sand beach is located in Siesta Key, Florida. Great for a nap or a day of snapping pictures.

Reynisfjara Beach: Located in Vik, Iceland, this black sand beach is anything but tropical. But it is rugged and unique, with one reviewer saying, "This place makes you forget time."

Falésia Beach: In the Portuguese Algarve, the Falésia beach has a spectacular rock formation background and spacious sand shores.

Eagle Beach: Eagle Beach in Aruba exemplifies the beauty of the Caribbean. It has a nudist area called Beach Baby.

Cable Beach: This gorgeous slice of Paradise in Broome is rated as Australia's top beach. It features especially beautiful sunsets (and camels!).

Grace Bay Beach: This white sand beauty is located in the Turks and Caicos Islands archipelago, a British overseas territory in the Caribbean.

Baia do Sancho: Sancho Beach, near Pernambuco in Brazil, is TripAdvisor's top choice for 2023. Remote and magestic, its beauty is undeniable.

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