The most expensive music videos of all time

Michael Jackson - 'Bad' -
MJ hired Hollywood directing superstar Martin Scorsese to direct this music video in 1987. The original video is 18-minutes long and cost around US$2.2 million.

Duran Duran - 'The Wild Boys' -
Released in 1984, the video of the British band was a huge hit, and so was the song. The price tag? US$1 million.

Guns N' Roses - 'November Rain' -
GNR were absolutely huge in the '90s, and 'November Rain' is one of the band's most iconic videos. Such grandeur cost around US$1.5 million.

MC Hammer - '2 Legit 2 Quit' -
Hammer's 14-minute-long music video hit the US$2.5 million mark. Even James Brown starred in '2 Legit 2 Quit.'

Madonna - 'Bedtime Story' -
Madonna's 1995 video took six days to shoot, and it premiered in movie theaters at the time. It cost US$5 million!

Fugees - 'Ready or Not' -
Choppers, jet skis–you name it. This video was a big production, but so was its success. Price tag? US$1.3 million.

Will Smith - 'Miami' -
'Miami' is part of the US$2 million club. The single was part of Smith's 1997 debut solo album 'Big Willie Style.'

TLC - 'Unpretty' -
TLC has made a few expensive videos, including their 1995 hit 'Waterfalls,' which cost around US$1 million. As for 'Unpretty,' the price tag went up to US$1.6 million.

Backstreet Boys - 'Larger Than Life' -
The '90s boy band's video featured a plethora of special effects and cool robot-like suits. The price to pay was also astronomical: US$2.1 million.

Aqua - 'Cartoon Heroes' -
The 'Barbie Girl' band splashed a lot of cash in their video for 'Cartoon Heroes.' US$3.5 million, to be more precise.

Kanye West - 'Stronger' -
West released the video for 'Stronger' in 2007. It was a huge hit, so the expensive video was well worth it. The cost? Around US$1.2 million

Gwen Stefani - 'Make Me Like You' -
Gwen Stefani has had her fair share of elaborate music videos, but none beats 2016's 'Make Me Like You,' which cost a whopping US$4 million.

Madonna - 'Express Yourself' -
This music video won Best Direction and Best Cinematography at the MTV Video Music Awards. Guess that's what US$5 million buys you!

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