The most haunted castles in Europe

Leap Castle, Ireland -
Reputedly Ireland's most haunted castle, Leap Castle in Coolderry, County Offaly, dates back to 1250.

Predjama Castle, Slovenia -
Built within a cave mouth in south-central Slovenia, Predjama Castle was the seat of a notorious knight called Erasmus of Lueg. 

Carini Castle, Italy -
Carini Castle near Palermo in Sicily is said to be haunted by Laura Lanza, the Baroness of Carini.

Moosham Castle, Austria -
Moosham Castle near Unternberg in the Lungau region of Salzburg was the site of the Zaubererjackl witch trials between 1675 and 1690. 

Dragsholm Castle, Denmark -
Dragsholm Castle in Zealand is one of the oldest secular buildings in Denmark, completed in 1215.

Bellver Castle, Spain -
The resort city of Palma in Majorca has its own haunted castle in the form of Bellver.

Chateau de Puymartin, France -
Château de Puymartin in the Dordogne is associated with the dark, 16th-century legend of the white lady.

Hermitage Castle, Scotland -
Arguably the most sinister looking of Scotland's many castles, Hermitage is where Sir Alexander Ramsey was starved to death in 1342.

Bardi Castle, Italy -
Overlooking Parma, Bardi Castle is haunted by the ghosts of two young lovers. She took her own life after believing her suitor had died in combat.

Castle Fraser, Scotland -
The ghost of a princess murdered in her sleep while staying at Castle Fraser near Kemnay is said to trouble visitors to this largely 18th-century property. 

Tower of London, England -
The historic Tower of London is home to at least 13 ghosts, among them Lady Jane Grey, the English queen with the shortest reign—a mere nine days.

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