These are the most important years of your life

7: When it comes to learning a new language, kids are like sponges.

8: A 2010 study found that girls are hitting puberty earlier than the previous generation.

10: Boys are also developing earlier. A 2012 Harvard study found that boys today are hitting puberty on average at 10 years old.

12: A girl can get her period anytime between eight and 15, but on average it occurs at the age of 13.

13: As boys grow, their voices start to break. An essential part of puberty, it can happen anytime between 12 and 16.

15: A teen boy can start to develop facial hair anytime between eight and 12.

16: An important year in the US for both men and women, 16 is the age they can receive their driving license.

17: Though some statistics indicate that men tend to lose their virginity a little earlier than women.

18: When we officially become adults, 18 is also the age at which our brain's processing power is at its peak. 

22: We've all had that moment when we meet someone new and immediately forget their name.

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