The most popular beers around the world

The Netherlands
 It is sold in more than 170 countries, with tens of billions of liters produced each year.

 It is the first extra-strong beer in the Philippines, and is distributed to many different countries including Japan, China, and Singapore.

Cape Verde 
The beer is a very new brand, having begun production in 2006. Strela beer is exported to Portugal and Gambia.

Tusker belongs to the Diageo group, and is their best-selling beer brand in Africa. Tusker has also been sold in the UK market for over a decade.

Mainly sold in Venezuela, it is owned by Empresas Polar, who also sell Pepsi for the Venezuelan market.

Jupiler was founded in 1966, and accounts for 40% of Belgian beer sales. 

It is mainly consumed in the Andalusia region from where it originates, but is popular throughout Spain.

Kingfisher is also popular in many other countries besides India. It is especially popular in the UK, where it is one of the best-selling beers in Indian restaurants.

Skol is not remotely Brazilian, yet due to some clever marketing campaigns, it managed to overtake Brahma to become the best-selling beer in the country.

Though the vast majority of sales in Australia, it is also available in New Zealand, Bali, Indonesia, and the UK.

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