The mystery disappearance of Lord Lucan

Birth - Richard John Bingham, the seventh Earl of Lucan, was born 18 December, 1934.

Early life -  He was born in London but moved to Wales at the beginning of World War II, and then to New York.

Return to England - He returned to the UK in 1945 and attended Eton college.

Work -  Lucan worked as a merchant banker in London. He later left to become a full-time gambler, a habit that he apparently picked up in his school days.

Marriage - The tall, charismatic Lucan met his wife, Veronica Duncan, in 1963. They were married the same year.

Gambling problems - Lucan developed an increasingly serious gambling problem, spending a lot of time in the Clermont Club.

Separation - With Lucan’s mounting gambling losses, the marriage became strained. By 1974, the couple were living separately.

Children - The estranged couple became engaged in a fierce dispute over who would secure custody of their three children.

Murder of Sandra Rivett - On the night of 7 November, 1974, Sandra Rivett, the family's nanny, was bludgeoned to death in the basement of their Belgravia house. 

Disappearance - Meanwhile, Lucan drove to the house of his friends, the Maxwell-Scotts, in Sussex. This was the last time he was seen.

Murder charges - While his friends defended him in his absence, the media was unanimous in accusing Lucan of murdering Rivett.

Presumed death - It is widely assumed that Lucan killed himself, though his body has never been found. He was officially declared dead in 2016.

Conspiracy theories - There are a number of conspiracy theories related to his disappearance.

Eaten by tigers - Lady Osborne, mother of a friend of Lucan's, Lord Aspinall, reportedly said that the aristocrat shot himself, and his body was fed to tigers in his friend's private zoo.

Sighting in New Zealand - The earl was also apparently spotted in New Zealand, living in a car with a pet possum, a cat, and a goat named Camilla. 

Arrested in Australia - A man believed to be Lord Lucan was reportedly arrested in Australia in 1974. 

Veronica Lucan - Lady Lucan died in 2017 after reportedly taking a lethal cocktail of drugs and alcohol at the age of 80.

Fate -
Despite speculation, definitive proof of Lucan's fate remains inconclusive to this day.

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