The secretive history of the special forces

Six Secret Teachings: In the 'Six Secret Teachings,' a paper on civil and military strategy attributed to the 11th-century.

The ninja: Ninjas emerged in 15th-century Japan as covert agents trained in reconnaissance, espionage.

Napoleonic Wars: The Napoleonic Wars saw the establishment of rifle and sapper units handed specialized roles in reconnaissance and skirmishing.

Corps of Guides: The Corps of Guides was a regiment of the British Indian Army.

5th Gurkha Rifles Frontier Force: The 5th Gurkha Rifles (Frontier Force) were formed in 1858.

American Civil War: While no special forces operated on either side during the American Civil War.

Boer War scouting units: During the Second Boer War (1899–1902), the British Army drew on the expertise of enlisted men.

The Luna Sharpshooters: The specialized professional guerilla unit known as the Luna Sharpshooters.

Stormtroopers: The First World War witnessed the formation of the first modern shock troops—stormtroopers. 

The Arditi: Arditi, which translates to English as "The Daring [Ones]," was the nickname given to Italy's special forces during the First World War.

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