The strangest museums in the world

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Museum of Burnt Food (Massachusetts, USA): When you thought you'd seen it all, there's this: a museum of failed cooking. 

Hair Museum (Avanos, Turkey): Chez Galip is the founder of the Avanos Hair Museum, a very strange cave in which about 16,000 strands of hair are hanging from the walls and ceiling. 

Mütter Museum (Philadelphia, USA): In the Mütter Museum you can see all kinds of anatomical samples, including Albert Einstein's brain. It is also full of other medical rarities and instruments.

National Mustard Museum (Wisconsin, USA): It seems that some sauces arouse so much passion that there are even museums created in their honor. 

Museum of Broken Relationships (Zagreb, Croatia): The failure of love has been known to most of us. In the museum of broken relationships, you can see it materialize.

Underwater Art Museum (Cancun, Mexico): Have you ever imagined seeing a museum underwater? If this interests you, there's a museum located in the Mexican National Marine Park. 

Dog Collar Museum (Leeds, England): The castle of Leeds has a somewhat peculiar museum theme. Its Dog Collar Museum has a collection of 130 dog collars dating back centuries.

Cockroach Hall of Fame Museum (Phoenix, USA): There's nothing more disgusting than finding a cockroach at your home. Pest control specialist Michael Bordan grew fond of them.

Ventriloquism Museum (Kentucky, USA): The ability to speak without moving one's lips and to even change one's voice completely: to some this is chilling, for others it's an art.

Museum of Bad Art (Massachusetts, USA): We've all made drawings that our mother was very proud of but of which she was the only fan. What we didn't know is that they could have ended up in a museum. 

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