The weirdest hobbies and habits of celebs

Katy Perry: brushing her teeth - According to 'Daily Star,' the artist can brush her teeth up to six times a day. 

Leonardo DiCaprio: Star Wars - The same magazine reports that Leonardo DiCaprio cannot stop buying Star Wars figures because he is a big fan of the series.

Sofía Vergara: cupcakes - Sofia Vergara has always been open about her love for food. She says she cannot limit herself, especially when it comes to cupcakes. 

Shakira: chocolate - Shakira has told Europa Press that she was addicted to chocolate.

Avril Lavigne: excessive make-up - She says that she could reapply the makeup every half hour if no one stopped her.

Cheryl Cole: carrot juice - Several media have pointed out Cheryl Cole's strange taste for carrot juice. Allegedly, the actress can consume more than 5 glasses of carrot juice a day.

Christina Applegate: Guitar Hero - Christina Applegate once spent so much time playing Guitar Hero that she suffered from a headache for several days afterwards.

Henry Cavill: World of Warcraft - A particular case of destructive gaming habits is that of actor Henry Cavill. The 'Witcher' star can get really lost in a session of World of Warcraft. 

Angelina Jolie and Gal Gadot: adrenaline - Angelina Jolie and Gal Gadot are two Hollywood actresses who have told the press that they are fixated on experiencing a rush of adrenaline.

Jennifer Lopez: everything white - Jennifer Lopez is a fan of the color white. 

Gwyneth Paltrow: macrobiotic diet - Gwyneth Paltrow has disclosed that she's obsessed with the macrobiotic diet. She also drinks remarkable quantities of green tea, AccessOnline reports.

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