The worst monarchs in history

Henry VIII (1491-1547): One of England’s most infamous monarchs, Henry VIII was a bloodthirsty tyrant who ordered two of his six wives.

Henry VIII (1491-1547): Additionally, his extravagant lifestyle and fondness for foreign wars brought England.

King Leopold II of Belgium (1835-1909): King Leopold II committed considerable crimes in the Congo. 

Ivan IV (1530-1584): Commonly known as Ivan the Terrible, the first tsar of all of Russia lived a life in constant danger thanks to a rivalry.

Ivan IV (1530-1584): Taking the land of nobles, he also condemned millions of Russians to a permanent state of serfdom.

Mary I (1516-1558): The eldest daughter of Henry VIII was never meant to ascend the throne.

Mary I (1516-1558): A fanatic Catholic, Mary sought to bring England back into the fold of the Catholic Church.

Gaius Caligula (12–41 CE): While there are many horrible Roman rulers, Caligula's mad reign still sets a high standard.

Gaius Caligula (12–41 CE): On top of that, Caligula used the treasury for lavish and useless spectacles.

King John (1166–1216): King John of England was a bad administrator and warrior, who lost all the Duchy of Normandy.

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