Things we should stop feeling embarrassed about

Sweat: Products and procedures to lessen sweat (blocking the pores) have been repeatedly proven to be very dangerous for our health.

Saying "no": People have a tendency to ask too much from others, especially when there are certain social structures at play.

Body hair: The body hair industry, from waxing to shaving to laser and so on, is extremely profitable precisely.

Farting in front of your partner: If you can’t love each other and still accept the fact that farts happen, maybe the bond isn’t as deep as you think.

Making a mistake: Not one single person on this planet is perfect, and yet we’re still filled with shame when we make a mistake.

Going for the cheaper option: Even if you have the money, you must remind yourself when in a situation where someone is sticking their nose up at the cheaper option.

Confessing feelings: Because we’re afraid of the embarrassment of rejection.

Sexual experience: From holding out for the right one to diving in for a tasting menu.

Old memories: We all have at least one cringey memory that keeps replaying in our minds and retraumatizing us with absolutely zero benefit.

Not being married yet: Whether you have a partner or not, family and friends tend to lay on the pressure to get married.

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