This is Nova Scotia calling

Halifax: Halifax, the capital of Nova Scotia, is the busy commercial hub of Canada's Maritime provinces.

Province House: Canada's oldest seat of government, inaugurated in 1819, Province House stands as one of the finest examples of Palladian architecture in North America. 

Halifax Citadel National Historic Site: The defining structure of historic Halifax is the star-shaped hilltop citadel that looms large over the city's harbor. 

Halifax Town Clock: Complementing the fortress is the Halifax Town Clock, one of the most recognizable urban landmarks.

Halifax Harbor: Halifax Harbor and its seafaring heritage still define the city.

Maritime Museum of the Atlantic: For a wonderfully informative overview of the harbor's place in Canadian history, linger in the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic.

The Halifax Explosion Memorial Bell Tower: The Halifax Explosion Memorial Bell Tower stands as a reminder of the tragedy that struck Halifax on December 6.

Fairview Lawn Cemetery: Fairview Lawn Cemetery is the last resting place for 121 victims of the sinking of the Titanic.

Art Gallery of Nova Scotia: Housed in the rather stern-looking, late 19th-century Dominion Building in downtown Halifax.

Halifax Public Gardens: For a breath of fresh air laced with the sweet bouquet of dozens of plants and blooms.

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