Top 10 Alaska Lakes 

Auke Lake:Boating is also popular at Auke Lake as it’s the only lake in the area that has a boat ramp. Swimming and hiking are regularly enjoyed by travelers and city dwellers .

 Iliamna Lake:one is called Ilie and the other is the lake itself. Spanning one-thousand and twelve square miles and reaching a maximum depth of nine hundred and eighty-eight feet.

Naknek Lake:flows into the lake and this symphony creates the perfect ground for insanely huge trout and salmon of many varieties. 

Goose Lake:is essentially in the heart of Anchorage so amenities are about. Hotels, restaurants, shopping, and everything else are within minutes of the lake.

Teshekpuk Lake:White-fronted, brant, Canada, and snow geese flock to the lake in the tens of thousands for molting. Teshekpuk Lake provides a sanctuary for these flightless, molting .

Skilak Lake & Kenai River: flows into Skilak Lake which results in some of the best fly fishing in the state.The lake also produces some amazing fishing. Many anglers target the river and fly fishing.

Katmai Crater Lake: is a beautiful blue-turquoise color. The color comes from fine glacier-ground rock flour in the bed of the lake. The caldera the lake sits in is estimated to be about 800 feet.

Becharof Lake: is the fourteenth largest lake in the United States and the Becharof National Wildlife Refuge protects 1,157,000 acres. Becharof Lake sits stop roughly 300,000 acres of the refuge.

Tustumena Lake:200 Sled Dog Race is named after Tustumena Lake. The Tustumena 200 is an annually held two hundred-mile dog sled race on the Kenai Peninsula of Alaska.

 Lake Clark:The lake is isolated and mostly accessible by plane. There are plenty of options to get there and decent lodging options when you arrive. Lake Clark is the seventh-largest lake in Alaska.

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