Top 10 Animals in Harry Potter

Cats:The Harry Potter universe is populated by both real cats and Kneazles .Despite their magical abilities, Kneazles can interbreed with normal cats and produce offspring.

Horses: are a common staple of human myths from all around the world, the most famous of which is the Pegasus of Greek mythology. Several types of winged horses also inhabit the magical world .

Toads:One of the most memorable scenes in the Harry Potter series involves a duet between humans and singing toads. Led by Professor Flitwick, the Frog Choir is a group of Hogwarts students.

Griffons: is a pure mythological creation, perhaps originating from ancient Egypt and Iran, but they do have the parts of real animals, including the body and tail of a horse and the face and wings.

Phoenix: is an immortal bird, somewhat resembling an eagle or falcon, that comes to life again after being reborn from the ashes. While it’s closely associated with Greek mythology.

Dogs: make several appearances in the Harry Potter universe. Hagrid’s massive dog, Fang, is played by a Neapolitan Mastiff in the movies but is a Great Dane or boarhound in the books. 

Spiders: is supposedly native to the rainforests in the Pacific island of Borneo. Ron and Harry meet Aragog, Hagrid’s blind acromantula, on the edge of the Forbidden Forest.

Rats:, is a bit of a lazy lout who’s constantly napping. Characterized by a ragged left ear and an amputated finger, Scabbers may be a type of agouti rat, at least judging by the fur color. 

Snakes: are some of the scariest animals in Harry Potter. The first magical snake encountered is the basilisk, a legendary reptile based on real European mythology. 

Owls:are the ultimate postmasters: they possess the ability to deliver mail even without knowing the address of the recipient. Harry’s companion and pet owl.

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