Top 10 Best Family Dog Breeds

Beagle: are great dogs for active, energetic families! These spirited, medium-sized canines are always game for play. Plus, they relish attention and crave cuddles.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel:Their long, silken fur, floppy ears, and adorable faces are irresistible! Considered the perfect lapdog and affectionately called “a love sponge,” Cavalier King Charles.

 Boston Terrier:easily land on our best family dogs list. These high-energy bundles of muscle love to prance around with their pals and get along well with other four-legged members of the family.

Bernese Mountain Dog:may be the right fit for you and the kids. Described by the American Kennel Club as good-natured, calm, strong, and extra gentle with children.

French Bulldog:are tiny, stocky, bullets of love. Bred as companion dogs, they savor time with their human families and do everything in their power to please us. Kids love them because they’re teeny

Labradoodle: are extremely intelligent, intuitive, and love mental stimulation. They’re wonderful for active families and can tirelessly play with young kids — who are just as curious as they are!.

Labrador Retrievers: are everything we all strive to be: adaptable, confident, patient, hard-working, and kind. They also love to hold things — yet they’re so gentle they can transport eggs in their.

Golden Retriever:are the gold-standard family dog. In part because of their lustrous flaxen coats, but also because they’re devoted additions to families of all sizes — even cozy families of one.

Newfoundlands:These gentle giants are all about you and the kids. They become so attached that many suffer from separation anxiety if they’re parted from their humans for extended periods. 

 Category Awards: we award superlatives in four categories: best medium sized family dog, best large family dog, best family dog that doesn’t shed, and best small family dog.

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