Top 10 Best Home Workout Programs

DDPYoga: It is the mission of DDP YOGA to empower others to think beyond traditional limits, to find inspiration from adversity, and to become the most trusted fitness company on the planet.

Insanity: Insanity changed my life and my fitness. I thought I reached the peak my fitness and then along came insanity. I've never felt as fit or as strong.

P90X: P90X is a good program to use but it's tough to do. I use it when I can't go to the gym which in the gym you can spend hours and with this program you can do one workout .

FOCUS T25: This program is accessible to everyone. Yes, it is intense. But there are low impact modifications that make it something people at any fitness level can do.

TurboFire: I loved TurboFire... It was the most fun workout that I've done at home and as a result, it kept me motivated to keep doing it. 

Insanity: The Asylum I've done p90x but this one is harder and better. I will for sure keep doing this workout as well as the other volumes that get released for it.

Hip Hop Abs:  The moves are easy to do and you just have fun while you are doing Hip Hop Abs. Great job Shaun T. This is one video people should get.

Body Beast: Love the beast. My doctor wants me to slowly do this. I have considerably bad health concerns so she wants me to start slowly.

P90X2: Same style as P90X, but with a focus on athletic performance and overall durability, as well as getting ripped! Best program for the money, hands down.

Les Mills Combat: I don't know why Les Mill Combat is ranked #10. It should be one of the top 3. I am on my second round of the Ultimate Warrior Hybrid and am seeing amazing results.

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