Top 10 Best Pop Punk Songs

Jet Black Heart" by 5 Seconds of Summer: A standout ballad on the band's second studio album, "Sounds Good Feels Good," that showcases their pop-punk sound.

Satellites" by Sleeping with Sirens: An energetic and optimistic pop-punk track from the band's fifth studio album, "Madness.

Can't Kick Up the Roots" by Neck Deep: A catchy and anthemic song about hometown pride from the Welsh pop-punk band's second studio album.

Goodnight Moon" by Go Radio: A heartfelt ballad from the band's second studio album, "Close the Distance," that showcases frontman Jason Lancaster's impressive vocals.

Here to Mars" by Coheed and Cambria: This upbeat and guitar-driven track is a highlight on the band's eighth studio album, "The Color Before the Sun.

San Diego" by Blink-182: A catchy and relatable song about heartbreak and moving on, from the band's seventh studio album, "California.

Stressed Out" by twenty one pilots: With its memorable chorus and clever lyrics about the stresses of adult life, this hit single helped catapult the duo to mainstream success.

Drown" by Bring Me the Horizon: This high-energy pop-punk anthem is a fan-favorite from the band's fifth studio album, "That's the Spirit.

Fourth of July" by Fall Out Boy: This emotional track is a standout on Fall Out Boy's sixth studio album, "American Beauty/American Psycho.

The Edge of Tonight" by All Time Low: A catchy and upbeat track from the band's sixth studio album, "Future Hearts," that combines pop-punk with electronic elements.

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