Top 10 Best Search and Rescue Dog Breeds

Border Collie:A border collie enjoys nothing more than working hard for a reward. This intelligent dog enjoys a challenge, and it has the energy for SAR work. 

German Shepherd: have worked with their human handlers for centuries. These brave, loyal dogs are the most common breeds used by law enforcement and the military.

Belgian Malinois:have many talents that make them outstanding SAR dogs. They can find explosives, drugs, and other evidence. They can even be trained to sniff out cancer and other illnesses.

Beagle: is a superb tracking dog because he can get close to the ground. Beagles have a curious, friendly temperament that makes them good at staying focused on their goal.

Labrador Retriever:excel at some of the most difficult SAR tasks, including bomb detection, disaster recovery, and water recovery. All retrievers, including goldens and Chesapeake bay retrievers.

St. Bernard:as the original search and rescue dogs. These huge, shaggy dogs first came to the Menthon Monastery as guard dogs in the 1600s.The monastery is on the summit of a mountain in Switzerland.

Basset Hound: is built for scent work. With almost as many smell receptors as her larger colleague, she also has huge ears and a long nose. 

Coonhound:They have a powerful sense of smell and a long nose that can pick up any scent. Coonhounds will follow a scent trail with a single-minded purpose. They’re also intelligent, friendly .

Bloodhound:has a long head with large nostrils and enormous ears, which help the dog pick up any scents in the air. A bloodhound is highly energetic and willing to track a scent for miles.

Newfoundland:can swim well in almost any water. Their thick, shaggy coats and webbed paws make them excellent swimmers. This trait has made them a popular SAR dog for the coast guards of England.

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