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Top10 Best Zoos In The World

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Beijing Zoo, China: The Beijing Zoo is spread over a huge area and holds a collection of 950 species.

Berlin Zoo, Germany: The Berlin Zoo and its associated aquarium houses over 17,000 individual animals.

Philadelphia Zoo, United States: Philadelphia Zoo was the first public zoo in the United States.

London Zoo, England: The London Zoo, or Regent’s Zoo, opened in 1828 which makes it one the oldest Zoos in the world.

Melbourne Zoo, Australia: Officially the Royal Melbourne Zoological Gardens, the Melbourne Zoo is the oldest zoo in Australia.

San Diego Zoo, United States: With both the San Diego Zoo and the San Diego SeaWorld.

Wellington Zoo, New Zealand: Opened in 1906, the Wellington Zoo is dedicated to preserving native New Zealand animals.

Bronx Zoo, New York City, United States: The Bronx Zoo in New York is one of the largest zoos in the world.

Zoo Basel, Switzerland: The Zoo Basel, or formally: the Basel Zoological Garden.

Singapore Zoo, Singapore: Singapore is a small and dense island, but it has an urban park, a botanical garden, and a zoo they can be very proud of.

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