Top 10 Biggest Centipedes

Chinese Red-Headed Centipede:These centipedes can be found across Asia and in areas like Australia, Indonesia, and in Central America. They eat mice, small reptiles, and any other animal .

Darwin’s Goliath Centipede: is one of the largest centipedes on the planet. Known for their large mandibles and venomous nature, they are also the most dangerous centipede in their habitat .

Giant Desert Centipede: are nocturnal creatures who use venom to sedate their prey to make them easier to eat. Their diet includes small rodents, reptiles, and amphibians. They have red heads.

Vietnamese Centipede:also known as the Vietnamese centipede, grows to be around 4” to 10” in length. They come in a variety of different patterns, but most range from dark brown to yellow-brown .

Sonoran Desert Centipede:typically reach between four and seven inches in length and have multi-colored bodies. They are sometimes called the tiger centipede or tiger-stripe centipede due .

Waterfall Centipede: also known as waterfall Centipedes, grow to be up to 7.9 inches long. They have dark brown or maroon bodies and legs that range from pale yellow to deep red. 

Indian Tiger Centipede:is an arthropod that is known to measure around 6.3 inches long when fully-grown. These centipedes are characterized by their deep orange and black bands and have dark orange.

Peruvian Giant Yellow-Leg Centipede: is the biggest centipede in the world. Incredibly, the Peruvian giant yellow-leg centipede can grow up to a foot long and eats prey up to fifteen times their size

Haitian Giant Centipede:also known as the Haitian giant centipede or Keys giant centipede, is a large centipede that prefer tropical climates. They range from mahogany brown to light brown .

Amazonian Giant Centipede:is most commonly found in Amazon rainforest, especially in Brazil. They grow to be a little more than 6 inches long.

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