Top 10 Biggest Trophy Fish in Florida 

Blue Catfish:are bigger than flatheads, but there was an unusually large flathead caught in Florida just barely beating the record 69.5 pound blue cat (that’s about the size of a golden retriever!).

Hammerhead Shark:are rightfully named based on the crazy hammer-shaped heads with their eyes on either end of the head. Truly a bizarre looking fish. They can also get to be 20 feet long!

Flathead Catfish:like slow-moving streams or rivers and can often be found around fallen trees or collections of debris. They are a little darker in color than blue and channel cats .

Mako Shark:are some of the fastest fish with the shortfin mako being the one fastest fish in the world. They can reach speeds of 45 miles per hour! That sounds like a challenging fishing target to me

Alligator Gar:These are the largest of the gar fish and are long and “skinny” with some reaching 8 feet long…longer than your average 7 foot long sofa. 

Channel Catfish:The biggest channel catfish ever caught in Florida weighed 44.50 pounds and was caught by Joe Purvis on Lake Bluff. This is a longstanding record dating back to May 19, 1985.

Bluefin Tuna:are highly sought after fish used for sushi and sashimi, especially in Asia. Keeping tabs on commercial fishing of bluefins is important to keep this apex predator in its role.

Striped Bass: the largest striper on record in Florida was pulled from the Apalachicola River on December 14, 1993, by Alphonso Barnes. When you think of bass fishing you may think primarily of black

Blue Marlin:look like swordfish with a long pointed snout and large sail along their back. They are a beautiful silvery blue and are also one of the fastest fish in the sea. 

Tiger Shark: are one of the most aggressive sharks alive today! Along with great whites and bull sharks they are responsible for many attacks on humans.