Top 10 Cheapest Dogs You Can Have

Chihuahua: This breed is known for being pricey, with a price ranging from $200 up to $1000 if you get it from a breeder. 

Australian Cattle Dog: If you want a pet to play with, then this Cattle Dog might be what you need.

Dachshund: Notice the small size of the breed, this just means one thing – inexpensive food bill.

Basset Hound: At times, expenses incurred increases as time goes by. 

Toy Fox Terrier: This is a very low maintenance dog given its short hair of toy fox terrier.

English Foxhound: If you want a huge dog that doesn’t need high maintenance, you might want to consider having an english foxhound.

Rat Terrier: This is one of the most budget-friendly breed of dogs with its short hair that doesn’t require frequent grooming.

Mini Pinscher: These dogs weigh about 11 pounds and their coat is not that high maintenance to clean. 

Beagle: If you want a pet that you can keep for a long time but isn’t costly, think about getting this cute beagle.

Labrador Retriever: A purebred labrador can be heavy on the wallet, especially if from breeders.

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