Top 10 Cheesiest Logos

Heading 1

The Video Bancorp (1990): This logo wouldn't be as bad as it is if it weren't for the text saying "Thanks you for using our product!" That's what it literally says. 

Family Home Entertainment (1981): Next up, we have a somewhat cheesy logo from the 80s. The music sounds really unappealing and the text at the end looks really unreadable.

Pony Canyon (1989): Then a whole bunch of nonsensical things occurs. This logo, while not as bad as FHE, is still pretty cheesy and pretty creepy too.

Vadi-mon (1982): The music feels SUPER depressing and the eyes at the beginning of the logo feel really out of place! Also.

L.A. Hero (1992): All that it just is are a bunch of flying letters that look like they were made in PowerPoint. Plus, the red "sun" (possibly FHE's cousin) was poorly made as well as unneeded.

PBS (1971): Seriously? Someone spam-voting this too? Whoever is doing this, please know that if you want to see this higher on the list, it would be easier to remix instead of spam-voting.

Sega (Argentina) (1990): No, this isn't the video game company we all know and love, this Sega I'm talking about is actually an Argentinean VHS distribution service.

Zombastic Productions (2001): Oh boy, we have this logo... Where to start on this one... The logo is illogical.

Cookie Jar Entertainment (2004): Now my main issue with this logo is that it's seen everywhere and is very forgettable.

KWSU (1976): So with this logo, we have ear-grinding music that sounds like an Atari system dying, and the KWSU logo doesn't really look like a KWSU logo.

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