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Top 10 Cutest Cartoon Characters in Japan

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Afro Ken: Afro Ken is a dog with an appealing colored rainbow afro.

Anpanman: In Japan, Anpanman is considered the cutest character created even if they’re not familiar to you.

Totoro: Totoro, have you heard of a name like this or it’s your first time?

Pikachu: Do you watch Pokemon anime or Pokemon manga? If yes, then you’ll probably know Pikachu.

Rilakkuma: Rilakkuma is another cute cartoon character from Japan. “Relaxed mood bear” is the meaning of Rilakkuma.

Mario: There are over hundreds of thousands of avid fans of Mario all over the world and that includes me.

Hello Kitty: In 1974, a Japanese company Sanrio created a fictional character known as Hello Kitty.

Jiji: Do you know who Jiji is? Jiji is a color black cat and Kiki’s companion.

Doraemon: He’s like a celebrity during the 21st century just like Julia Roberts, Tom Hanks, and others.

Crayon Shin Chan / Kureyon Shin Chan: A popular fictional character in Japan as well as in other countries. Also known as Shin Chan.

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