Top 10 deep sea sharks

Goblin Shark:are often called “living fossils” as they are the only living member of the family group Mitsukurinidae which dates back many million years.  They have a very long.

Greenland Shark:not only can they survive at unimaginable depths, but they have the longest lifespan of all sharks – estimated to be between 250 and 500 years.

Kitefin Shark:live in several populations around the world in tropical and subtropical waters close to the sea floor.  They are mostly found between 660 and 2,000 feet, but some have been caught.

Bluntnose Sixgill Shark:are primitive sharks that closely resemble more extinct sharks than living ones.  Their snout is wide and blunt and they are tan, brown, or black and can reach 20 feet long. 

Cookiecutter Shark:are some of the smallest sharks around and only measure between 16 and 22 inches long.  They are dark brown but have photophores on their undersides which are organs that appear .

Ninja Lanternshark: occur along the continental slope in the eastern Pacific Ocean and their depth ranges from 2,740 to 4,735 feet.  They are extremely small sharks and reach no more than 20 inc long

Portuguese Dogfish: They have a wide range around the world, but most often occur near the bottom of the deepest oceans.  Portuguese dogfish are sleeper sharks and are typically around 3 feet long. 

Swell Shark: are a species of catshark that lives in the Pacific Ocean, between California and southern Mexico.  Swell sharks can be found as deep as 1,500 feet and inhabit rocky.

Frilled Shark:get their name from their gill slits which have a fringed appearance.  Frilled sharks have eel-like bodies, are dark brown, and reach 6.6 feet long.

Megamouth Shark: live so deep that they are rarely seen by humans and less that one hundred have been seen since the species was first discovered in 1976.  Like basking and whale sharks. 

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