Top 10 Dogs with Longest Lifespans

 Australian Shepherd 12-15 years: are the largest dog on our list, with the males weighing in at 50-65lbs. Aussies are herding dogs and considered the dog chosen most frequently by cowboys.

Pomeranian 12-16 years:These fluffy dogs look like they may have just gotten out of the dryer! They are puff balls, just 3-6 pounds and only 6-7 inches tall, maybe the size of your laptop screen.

Maltese 13-15 years:These cute little dogs with long flowing white fur are originally from Malta, an island just south of Italy in the Mediterranean. They are toy dogs weighing no more than 7 pounds 

Beagle 10-15 years: are hound dogs that are small to medium weighing around 20 pounds. The most common beagle is multi-colored with its head being tan and a band of dark brown around their back .

 Lhasa Apso 12-15 years:floor-length fur that covers their eyes is one characteristic of the Lhasa Apso breed. These small dogs, around 15 pounds, were originally found in the Himalayan’s.

Toy Poodle 10-18 years: are the dog with the longest average lifespan on our list. The toy poodle weighs between 4-6 pounds and only gets to be 10 inches tall. Toy poodles come in a variety of colors

Chihuahua 14-16 years: are most commonly associated with films and commercials as the “Taco Bell” dog. These dogs originate from Mexico, being a national symbol of the country. 

Yorkshire Terrier 11-15 years: are a small-dog breed that in the U S has a reputation for being a pampered pet. You may have seen these cute little dogs with bows in their hair and a matching sweater

Shih Tzu 10-18 years:These dogs are common all over the world but were originally from China. They were one of the favorite pets of royalty in China. They are small dogs with fluffy white, tan .

Dachshund 12-16 years:are long skinny dogs that are typically dark brown or black with dark brown paws. They have short little legs that seem to have to work extra hard to keep up with their bodies.

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